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A paper only acknowledged its true purpose. Therefore, we bring a superior quality paper “PaperOne” that is outlined for almost every lifted-speed copying and printing operations. We were launched on 6th May 1998 by APRIL Group. Dedicated to create PaperOne a sheer industry pioneer, we benchmarked our commercial, home and office printing paper items against top Global paper brands around all areas, for example, archival qualities, opacity and thickness. The products manufactured from us are entirely moisture-proof that are exceptionally designed from the selection of logo and colors typeface to the technique placement of information. We additionally ensure our customers that each paper variant pack is light-weight, ergonomic and reusable. Our PaperOne brand is the most requesting paper in Global Market since 199. This has been successfully launched in Japan, The USA and, Europe. Now, our brand is marketed in over 70 countries because our papers provide uniform professional printing quality alongside least environmental impact. In detection of the environmental stewardship, our Group was acclaimed the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management affirmation in June 2015 for creating products from completely sustainable sources and renewable fibers.

Propelled Advancement with Enhanced Outcomes:

In 2015, we made ProDigi HD Print advancement for our PaperOne. An achievement advancement for the industry of paper, our paper gives smirch-safe printouts with lively hues and fresh lines, while being demonstrated to utilize less ink. Grounded on a free assessment directed by Buyers Laboratory, our produced paper spares over 18% more ink as contrasted with different papers. Our products come with upgrading color energy and empowering increasingly exact ink droplets on the page. The innovation likewise lessens ink-bleed, ensuing in cleaner and sharper pictures.

Offered Range: 

We deliver a comprehensive collection of publishing, printing and office papers for commercial applications, for example, offset printing, converting and hybrid printing. These items are accessible in both folio and roll form. 

  • Office Paper: 
    • Blue paper is created to meet all copier and printer models. It highlights outstandingly lifted thickness and whiteness for clear and sharp images
    • Copier (green) is made for trouble-safe, elevated-speed and lifted-volume printing for modular and high-speed copier machines 
    • Digital (red) is manufactured for both digital and laser color printers. This is perfect for smudge-safe and high-resolution printouts alongside crisp lines and brilliant colors 
  • Printing and Publishing Paper:
    • APRIL Group Publishing and Printing papers are aligned to deliver fantastic reading encounters, increasingly predictable prints and steady print quality. Converters, publishers and printers appreciate better profitability with printing rates of over 116% quicker as well as 30% less press stoppages, ensuing in generous cost saving, less blanket washes and less paper wastage.
    • PaperOne Offset is a converter-friendly and top-quality printer in which our paper delivers outstanding printability for lifted-speed and full-color offset machines. 
    • PaperOne script is made for educational needs and composing grade items such as notebooks, exercise books and journals.
  • Digital Paper:
    • Our digital papers are improved with ProDigi HD Print Innovation and give unrivaled quality on modular fast and advanced printing machines. 
    • PaperOne Pre-Print+ is an excellent, multi-innovation, multi-practical paper, built for hybrid stationery printing, value-based and trans-limited time materials. 
    • PaperOne Inkjet is defined for contemporary rapid sheet inkjet and constant feed machines for trans-promotional print, transactional print, variable data and print-on-request tasks. 
    • PaperOne Laser is designed for transforming necessities, for example, building plotter rolls, value-based and trans-promotional print applications.

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